Conor and Dustin let the mind games begin! UFC 264 press conference best bits

Joylandi 9-Iyl, 2021
Things got heated as Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier came face to face ahead of their trilogy fight at .

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  • Connor has only one thing to do which is Victoria's super model. I mean wtf just WRONG with him.

  • I not a MMA fan but after watching this video I can certainly say Conor is just like a dog from the street and so do his cheering supporters. These ppl are disgrace to human race

  • Imagine Connor win this fight like all his fanboys will come and make noises here about rematch with khabib lmao

  • 5:30 hehehehehe

  • Tbh props to Dustin what a respectful humble guy man Conor had it coming I hope Conner falls even harder than lucifer in these fantasies

  • For whatever resaon it feels like Conor trying to be what he was back in 2015. The entire scheme of trashtalk, the problem is this around he cant back it up with W.

  • Dustin is real. Man. Connor is just trush pappRatzi

  • Is Conner’s promo written over his head some where

  • Lolzzzzz worst attempt of Conner of try to be Conner 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shoot yure moutt

  • Conor : *Random, weak, confused trash talk* Kha-bane : *I was wondering what would break first. Your spirit...or your body!*

  • Oof. This is possibly the worst aged trash talk I've ever seen. McNuggets was always a muppett but I never seen him afraid until the pre-fight with Khabib. Now, his trash talk just oozes fear.

  • @2:53 mojahed fudailat needs this clip

  • Legend has it that Khabib keeps part of Conors soul in a gold box on his mantle piece

  • Conor's embarrassing man. Getting rattled by a simple question and losing his rag. He's so arrogant he can't take a hint of criticism or a little ribbing. A lot of other people like that in Ireland unfortunately.

  • The journo in the pink suit finished him with straight facts, lmao.

  • Dustin was not phased , he was more cringed out lol, I can tell by his facial expressions

  • Conor is a shadow of himself from the past.

  • Connor the weak loser.

  • I have a mad respect 4 Dustin from now on...

  • Dustin to conor ''i love to fight''

  • I am surprised how people are wasting their times for watching stupid and useless Conor’s match. He will be definitely looser in any game after this.👎


  • The right fortnight anteriorly fill because arm tentatively fear aside a milky east. easy, cooing foxglove

  • When Conor was pathetically tried to kick mr. Dustin at the end he didn't expect that this insult will be brutally punished

  • I always imagined mcgregor getting older and losing but seeing him not even funny anymore is sadder

  • Think Dana checked his kick and broke his angle in the ring

  • Conor basically called Dustin a simp Lmaoo

  • Connor's head is free real estate. Nate, Khabib and now Dustin they all live there.🤣

  • Conor lost his swagger

  • 7:12 He broke that very same leg

  • Conor looked nervous, fidgety, awkward, bitter, angry, unstable, lost, and unintelligent. He's completely lost

  • Conor should understand that his mind games no longer work.. Should have stayed humble like the last time and taken the loss like a man. Atleast he wouldn't have made fun of himself.

  • I stopped watching UFC because of Clowner. This has WWE written all over it.

  • Barking before fight.....tapping after fight.

  • That guys not right in his head ...bad loser who should be used to it...

  • LoL dude is so inauthentic ... as Dustin says "he was way better at it, just weak"

  • Conor is so arrogant

  • Hahaha Connor broke his foot.

  • False advertising they have to sell

  • Even the Chael cursed can't predict deez

  • The guy in the pink suit, just brilliant.

  • Conor every day is not Sunday..

  • McGregor must have got a lend of Brendan Rodgers gnashers for fight weekend

  • The weakest is always the loudest... And we seen what happen. Conor was desperate. He made bad choices because of it. And that's why he has a broke leg. He knew his hands wasn't going to do it. I like both of these fighters, and I think Dustin really held himself well

  • In 18 months conor will lose his next fight and dana will cut him from the ufc

  • I think ppl need to start accepting that Conor McGregor was a shooting star and that's it. It's actually becoming a bit embarrassing for the guy. Maybe if his fan could fight for him it would be different. Floyd Mayweather ended his career.

  • मॅकगोर को जिद छोड़कर डसटीन को विजेता मानना चाहिए ।फिर दुबारा लडना हो तो फिर हारोगे। अपनी बेइजजती करओगे।

  • That proper 12 then took his life over he better get off that whiskey

  • Conor Will never Walk like that again

  • After watching that press, go watch the ones from mayweather or nate Diaz, connor trying way too hard to get old connor back. Looks so fake

  • Big mouth looks totally humbled now after the khabib defeat and he is struggling to act the arrogant show now.every dog has his day.

  • Poirier is mentally strong..

  • Conor was beaten before he got in the cage. He should have listened to john kavanagh and retired when he beat Eddie alvarez

  • Looooool I was just thinking his trash talk is whack now and then poirier said it for me haha

  • wwe is waiting for that fone call

  • Never fully understood why pricks wear sunglasses indoors. A real chump

  • Has been mctapout

  • Conor belong to the circus 🎪 🤡

  • What u want to see during conference Conor delivers it. Yet still u hate Conor?oh come in chicken. Conor is just not a fighter he is an entertainer too

  • Conor has no respect and thats his down fall. The other guy is a family man and calm taking trash talk from a childish man that has lame come backs.

  • The WWE should be paying conor alot of money

  • The ceiling is going to collapse mcgregror😂😂😂

  • Dustin took of his glasses, but McGregor didn't

  • I’m amazed people don’t realise all this macho bs is a show. It’s like wrestling, they’re showmen. They act this way to make it exciting and interesting.

  • Connor should watch this press conference again from his hospital bed😆😆😆😆

  • As a doctor i can tell when there is a maniac behavior in play, and this has become a real issue for Conor. So the way he articulates and moves is 100% maniac episode. Should be on meds, but if he was he wouldnt be able to fight....

  • McGregor looked tense in that press conference. Completely different to the pre boxing McGregor

  • The way Conor was looking up and every now and then felt like he knew that what's coming his way💥

  • I like both fighters, but Conor plays a character while Dustin comes off as a genuine guy, which I respect✊🏼

  • Classic Good vs Evil match !

  • Dustin is a chilled guy 🥶

  • I used to respect Conor so much, he was great to watch in and out of the ring but now I just cringe. He reminds me of bullies from school who just throw their weight around but have nothing of value to offer. I can't see him coming back from this. He's made a fool of himself.

  • Poirier is a pretty boy thou.

  • Trash talking or is he talking trash

  • What does this mcgregor impersonator charge for showing up

  • Conman Mcloser

  • He talks big before the game and still talks big after he loses his limb 🦵. Next match would be handicap match

  • Who’s here after UFC 264 😂😂

  • plot twist: the kick at the end was when conor accidentally broke his ankle

  • Hehehe McGregor 1step infront 3 step behind 😅😅😅😅

  • that purple suit is cursed!

  • Why is Dustin dressed like Tommy Vercetti from Vice city?

  • Man , that leprechaun really needs mental help!!

  • The formula of Clownor McGlass is simple: Talk a lot of trash, lose lots of fights.

  • Conor is the UFC's Joker

  • Conor the circus show. His days are gone. Imagine if Conor does Diaz #3 in the future lol ? Makes me think of the Simpsons 'stop stop he's already dead'

  • Bye Bye little Irishman… lOl 😂

  • Couldn't understand what Connor was babbling, the Irish accent is hard on ears. But seeing the comment section it seems the trash talk is lame.

  • This didn’t age well 😂🤣😅

  • Looking in the air to pump himself up. Crackhead

  • It's getting hard to tell the difference between Conor McGregor and Colby Covington. Both pretending to be something they're not.

  • Poor Conor……khabib actually messed up d whole Conor era…’s actually pretty true…..that old Conor was just gone after d khabib fight. Now he’s just a punching bag.

  • Pink suit guy is my goddamn HERO

  • Porier is an athlete.Connor is a clown (talking for the attitude)

  • McGregor now? Lol.. what a loud mouth flog.

  • Talks about lack of sleep - hides his eyes behind sunglasses

  • These insults are childish.

  • Conor is a has been washed up clown !