Conor and Dustin in TOP shape! UFC 264 Weigh-In Watch-along Best Bits

Joylandi 9-Iyl, 2021
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  • What the heck did Dan Hardy do or say to get fired? It must have been pretty bad because it seems all the fans want him back but the networks are saying no. Either way he is sorely missed. But I still would like to know what exactly happened.

    • He was on bt just two days ago so I doubt he did anything he probably just isn't available for some reason

  • Conor had 5 or 6 round , brown spots on his back, are they drinking spots that people with a drinking problem have ? his face looks all sunken in, like a crack head too. he is going down and he isn't even in the ring yet he knows he is beat and he can't get in Dustin's head eather, lets make some money, and put it on Dustin to win again.

  • I cannot believe y’all ignored Ryan hall 🤦‍♂️...fools

    • It is one of the espn cards

  • That Liverpudlian thinks he knows everything he's an absolute fanboy anyone following UFC since McGregor came on the scene like these two could do his job.

    • 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • What does Dustin and Conor being at 156lb mean?

    • it Is their weight 1lb is 0.4 kg roughly

  • 360p quality video wtf bt this happens so often

  • Conor looks shaky. Trying not to pass out.

  • 6:00...You'd better watch your mewt, Adam!🇮🇪🍀

  • Max Holloway. Was meant to be the backup. 👀🤌🏼

  • Suga Show is the place to go! 🤘 He's literally my favorite up and coming fighter. Critic's get on O'Malley but he has zero choice who the UFC gives him. It's not in his control if he fights a ranked guy, or if he gets ranked. The UFC should honestly get this guy ranked after the performances he's put on lately. I don't get what's taking them so long. Just don't get the guys that come at Sean... Like it's his fault.. just enjoy the Ride.. geeze. 🤘

  • 360p?

  • It's coming home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Poirier is getting smashed!

  • 61 comment

  • O Malley with the bingo granny hair colour lol

  • Khabib: *Send me Location* Poirer: *Send me donation* Mcgregor: 💬 🦶 🎈

  • Conor sounded like a fool in the pre fight presser. The old conor is gone, deal with it. His career ends tomorrow, im hoping Dustin takes that left arm home with him.

    • The I know best brigade are back

    • Dustin and pink jacket best trash talkers at the presser 😀🤪🤣👍

    • Guarantee Connor will win

    • He's lost like 5 fights in his career and is a big draw, I'm sure if he wanted another fight they'd give him one. Dana loves his little leprechaun lol

  • Funk dusty

  • I'll pry for wonderboy anyday...

  • Why they do Ryan Hall dirty like that?

  • Dustin looks drained.

  • Wow. Fights appear to be in good shape for a fight. Has this ever happened before!!?

  • Wtf dos anjos was the back up

  • No chin burns

  • They're definitely nursing Sean OMalley up the ranks!

  • Just noticed McGregor has cup marks on his lower back. That's not good. He's never pulled from an injury, but that concerns me.

    • @jon sixxx fair play. I just used it with muscle strain treatment, and I've seen a lot of fighters do the same. To your point, I hope it means nothing, but it concerns me.

    • I cup all the time means nothing

  • Damn everyone on that card looking jacked af

  • Where was Bisping then? Getting drunk somewhere? lol

  • Where’s Bisping 😂

  • Yana is fine as hell

  • Dustin wins easy

    • @Bido Buckets It was the easiest outing he's had in years

    • @Bido Buckets it was so easy

    • It was never easy for dustin wtf😂😂😂

  • Conor wins 1st round KO. Easy money. All hail the king. HE'S BACK!!

  • Wow i totally missed that ryan is in the card xd thats 3 fights to be watched now. Les go

    • Yeah the fact that ryan is fighting got me so hyped

  • where is topuria

  • Mc Nugget is getting ko'd again 🇮🇪🤡

  • conor second round ko easy

  • Everyone would love another mad run of Conor going 155 belt then usman because it’s pure insanity. But in reality Dustin is going to flop him

    • Nope Conor will win

  • Conor gonna dust dustin

  • How come they ignored Ryan Hall?

    • The are avoiding him just like the entire division

    • they should have just said "next up, ryan hall" and just shrugged in his honor

    • Trust me

  • Bisping needs to be knocked down a peg.... He thinks he's above being on time. Lol

  • DP wins!! KO, by submission, doesn’t matter which one. DP will win. End of Connor

    • L... for Poirier

    • That’s a bold prediction… we’ll have to see

    • Lol. As much as I like Dustin, it will never be the end for Conor. He's just got too much star power.

  • Wow! Max Griffin has been taken down 57 times? 😳

  • Dustin's ears win in the in the 1st round by KO

  • What about Conor's staph infection?!?

    • He never had one

    • Even if he had staph at that time, he could have flushed it with no adverse effects from the anti-biotics on fight night

    • @Tadhg O'Rourke I just researched it and he may have one on his arm by his elbow this was a week or so ago tho 🤷

    • Wheres the staph infection ?

  • Just hope it's a good fight

  • prediction after press conference: Dustin win via submission

  • So early it’s In 360p

  • This will be a huge fight