Sean O'Malley pays respect to last minute opponent and wants Rob Font next!

Joylandi 11-Iyl, 2021
Sean O'Malley talks to Caroline Pearce after UFC 264 and beating Kris Moutinho over three rounds.

He wants to fight Cody Garbrandt, Dominick Cruz or Rob Font in his next fight.

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  • I don't see how him vs Font is competitive.

  • Caroline Pearce has some damn fine nipples

  • 👀👀👀👀

  • Keeps me home. Proceeds to wild out in Vegas after the fights 😂😂😂

  • This is definitely drunk talk, but sitting here right now I strongly believe Suga wouldn’t have finished that guy, yeah the ref stopped it mid flurry but would that flurry continue without a stoppage? I think not, dude wasn’t even rocked during the flurry, definitely got touched a bunch of times but he was getting touched for 14 minutes straight, I believe that fight would have went the distance, dude deserved a decision loss instead of a TKO…BUT I have been wrong before And by the way…this 6 day old interview was recommended 1 hour ago

  • Think they stopped this too soon. He's already took crazy damage and shown incredible heart he had 30 secs left to get to the end. I don't think there was a chance omalley was gonna put his lights out. He ocuosbt do it fresh how wasnue gonna do it at the end of the fight.

  • Really like him but it's a shame he like fake paul

  • Bit cringy when he called himself a super star

  • This guy hasn't fought nobody

  • He say He want rob Font But He realy want a unranked fighter

  • Calls himself a superstar...amazing 😂🤣

  • 2:55 I can literally picture that while he speaks it lol


  • Hail to the Zombie, newcomer in the UFC.. excited to see his next match.

  • Meh, manz looked dazed from the beginning. He could have easily made it through those last 30 seconds

  • U had 2 rounds and 4 mins 30 seconds to put his lights out … hahaha stop it ur a great fighter but just admit u couldn’t drop him clown

  • stay strong bro !

  • What a good guy. I’m a fan of this young man. I hope him nothing but the best in the wars to come…

  • O'Malley vs Vera II

  • What's up with the illuminati symbol he does in the beginning?

  • I can't respect anyone who calls themself a "superstar" unironically

  • For a second I thought he was holding onto his package at the beginning of the interview hahaha!!

  • If Suga couldn’t put em out in the first 14.5 minutes, he prolly wasn’t going out in the last 30 seconds

  • Followed this guy since day 1

  • This reporter is a badass. Super professional and knows the sport. This is at least the third I’ve seen.

  • "cOdY gObRaNt"

  • Welcome to the Sugar Show !! Dude can scrap !!

  • That is one Lemming who won't go down!

  • I can’t help but dislike this guy, I have no idea what it is

  • Sean O'malley vs Cristian lee

  • Zombie has heart now he needs to add other weapons

  • “Pays Respect” makes it sounds like he died.

  • let's interview the interviewer!!!!!

  • KEEPS ME GROUNDED....proceeds to get black out drunk after interview

  • O'Malley is so humble. Ha, kidding. Not even.

  • Colby va défoncer Masvidal

  • perhaps a more humble O'Malley. Nice to see parenthood has changed him

  • Respect to Moutinho. He brawled it out.

  • Sean I wish I was a superstar O'Mally

  • Allot of guys play sports since 4yrs old and don’t have the ankle problems SUGA has

  • Too bad SUGA can’t perform in the bedroom. Lol

  • O’Malley picks his nose 20sec into the interview then bangs her backstage.

  • the interviewer chick is hot af

  • Whatever....I like this guy

  • Is that a sativa or indica leaf?

  • "Sugar sean o'malley" with that English accent is something else 🤣

  • I want to see more of Moutihno. Please someone in his corner, work on head movement. His head stayed in the same place. His career can be much longer if he'd move his head. Keep the aggression, just move the head.

  • What a great dude

  • Way stay humble super star

  • "he's fighting a superstar” ... Oh my god... This guy is so full of himself. 🙄

  • Rob Font is gonna starch the can crusher ez money

  • Font would smoke O'Malley. Guy is such a douche

  • Kris can take one hell of a beating. It would have been nice if he had landed a punch of his own.

  • That looks like the other half of Kevin Lee's tattoo on O'Malley's chest!

  • oh bro the anchor is hotness

  • I hate to hear Sean call himself a "superstar" and hope he doesn't turn into an egomaniac.

  • Wants to be a rapper but he’s too badass in irl to stop what he’s doing.

  • Kris The Zombie Moutinho 💪😁

  • Kris get better head movement and hope he goes to flyweight

  • This straw is definitely in the kool-aid... Couldn't finish a paint factory worker...

    • He’s a factory worker that took 177 strikes to the face from someone with more than enough knockout power… give the man some credit.

  • Rob Font is #3 ranked, probably to big of a step up for Suga atm. Dana will give him someone ranked but not top 10

  • Suga on the rise!!!!!!!!!!! PO'ME COLORBLIND

  • No he said he wanted Fob Ront. Give him that nxgga Fob Ront

  • What’s her name

  • Kris was a badass in that fight!!!

  • Sean vs Rob is a nice match up.

  • I'd much rather watch Sean than Connor, He is a great fighter and very entertaining

  • This guy just said he changes people career if they fight him!!lmao!! This guy tryin so bad to be the next McGregor!

  • When u call urself a superstar and didnt even fight top 10. Hi jacked Connors look dam this guy isnt original.

  • Reporter: “ok last question from me” And asks another 2 questions 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Suga vs Font sounds like a great matchup!

  • How was this the fight of the night, Kris was just a walking heavy bag?

  • Fans give too much credit to fighters that just eat punishment

    • Because they realize how hard it is to do without getting knocked out


  • "Accidental baby" 😭💀

  • Omalley needs to be humbled

    • Hes humble in his mind. He doesn't actually have a ego he constantly jokes about how he says 13 and 0 just to piss people off

  • Come on uncle Dana give this man a path to the top asap.

    • He’s fighting his way up to the top of the ranks literally lol

  • Kris is a BMF! New England Strong!! Represent!!👊👊💪💪💪

  • Class act sugar stay that way

  • Omalley vs rob font that is a main event caliber fight

  • At first glance this fight looked like Street Beefs behind the fairgrounds- the Gravitron operator vs the guy who runs the ring toss.

  • He is little cokcy but surely he can fight.. yes he is fighting against low ranked opponents but its not like he win those fights by 50-50. This guy can put a show wheathe he wins or lose.

  • He's got a good thing going, knocks out tin cans and gets that bonus money. Why bother fighting ranked guys?

  • Y’all off the Conor train to the Suga train 🤣 Call out Chito Vera

  • Petr yan vs Sean o malley

  • Sugar Sean class 🙌💚🤍💛🇮🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • That interviewer is STACKED.

  • Nobody gonna mention the snack on the right?

  • O’Malley is growing on me

  • Sean trying not to look at those tigolbitties 😂

  • Just wear a bra and its perfect

  • Kris was eating his shots like a grilled cheese Sandwich 🥪 he took his best shots and kept coming forward ... 🇵🇹The Portuguese zombie ...was a beast..

  • As a UFC fighter are they allowed to use cannabis? As i know its legal in certain states but a company do they allow fighters to use? No drug tests?

  • Seems like such a cool guy. Wish him the best.

  • A lot of people in here acting like Sean's got pillow hands, dude has real KO power, Kris Moutinho went full zombie in there.

  • He did the sign🌹

  • Chito!!!

  • Rob font would kill sean.

  • Get the feeling he ain't gonna fair too well against someone with a strong clinch game if they start foot stomping

  • .... ' lesss go Fob Ront ' !!! 💪💪💪🔥