UFC 264 Full Press Conference: Conor McGregor kicks out at Dustin Poirier!

Joylandi 8-Iyl, 2021
⚠️ Contains very strong language! ⚠️

Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor hit the mic for the UFC 264 Press Conference from Las Vegas.

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  • People loved Conor as an underdog and hate him as the top dog. Stop blaming him for your hate! Respect greatness and shut the fook up

  • Security is always some massive bold blokes

  • 23:00 WTF

  • that pink suit guy looking down there like "it's about to go down"

  • What's the name of entrance music

  • Cocky chicken always make me happy..then..lose😅 His TT ate he well tho..these chicken should see mental cure ASAP😂😂😂

  • Someone please teach Connor Respect and humbleness

  • 0:00-3:04 Some toptier shithousery from connor. Without him UFC will never be the same

  • 16:58 Pink Panther comes in to play😂

  • conor: dustin is getting out on a stretcher karma is a mirror

  • the absolute state of McGregor 🤦‍♂️😅😅

  • I'm here after conor lost 2 weeks ago😂

  • can anyone tell me what is the music at the start?

  • In the thumbnail Conor's stance has gone from karate stance to bar hooligan stance

  • What happened this guy he is so inconsistent with Cowboy he behaved in a respectable manner. It was tolerated because he used to back up the trash talking with results.

  • If Conor wanted to he would knock poirer out look what happened in the first fight that was when he was at his best

  • What legacy is cemented? Just a tap machine

  • Mr pinky suit is totally wrong with firing them stats. This was true but totally unrespectable

  • 6:24

  • Which of them is Dana white

    • @ADuckOnQuack considering all the bald clones he has it is difficult to identify 😜

    • The one standing between them both

  • I love Connor Mcgregor

  • i keep coming back for pink suit guy :D 17:00

  • Comments here compared to old Conor press conferences. Bunch of fake fans 😂

  • how mutch drugs Conor take on this day

  • Watch this and then immediately watch the fight ....it’s hilarious 😆

  • Not McGregor fast McGregor sleep😂😂👍

  • I'm glad and tremendously pleased that this clowns (Conor M) careers is over-

  • Money took Conor's soul, he ain't the same anymore

  • Dana white is a douche..just like vince McMahon

  • Got to admit, 'your wife is your husband' was hilarious LOL

  • “Not McGregor, McGregor Sleep” That lowkey killed Conors spirit, dude was speechless😂

    • “Not mcgregor fast, mcgregor sleep”

  • "...I know who I am...it's easy to be me..." - BEAUTIFUL STATEMENT

  • Músic entrance?

  • I love this mcgregor character 🔥

  • Connor is trying to be Jake Paul bc jake is trying to be the old Connor

  • Conor was crying in there this is not good

  • Song 0:05?

  • 14:20 The funniest moment of the entire conference, straightforward, simple, and true!

  • I find Conor distasteful. Poirier has dignity. If that had been me after Conor‘s kick I would have stood in front of the audience as Conor walked away and start making chicken 🐔 noises.

  • Dustin is better than khabib and far better than conor.

  • Pink suit for the win !!!

  • Mc Gregor is a parody of himself.

  • Dustin Poirier look like Tommy Vercetti

  • The Diamond ❤💎👑

  • Mcstretcher called Dustin frail lol.

  • What a tool this guy is? An absolute illiterate fool.

  • Old mcnuggets, only thing left now is the mouth.

  • Conor was the one on stretcher

  • @10:37 is that the guy who wanted a job from dana ages ago?

  • What a stupid questions

  • McGregor has become a complete and utter embarrassment to himself, his sport, his family and his entire country.

  • I must admit, Conor does provide a lot of entertainment. He is a gifted showman.

  • 6:27 😂😂😂😂😂

  • the crowd is always trash arnd conor

  • loooking at this after the fight is just beautiful. What a joke Connor has become.

  • Conor : He will go out in a stretcher Conor : goes out in a stretcher

  • Who thought that same leg will end his career

  • 24:36 He going out in a stretcher Karma

  • Dustin over there making those mouth movements like he had a little booger sugar lol..

  • Connor the current loser that keeps coming back to lose

  • Conor Mcgregor! heal fast and win the title on May 2022!

  • Now..wht happen..hhh

  • Conor McGregor he's if he's so embarrassed of himself! He loves he loves publicity! Congratulations Dustin!

  • Connor McGregor has a big mouth but a looser to khabib and Dustin 😂😂😂

  • Connor reminds me with the Late Ray Charles,,,Dana white Should Send CONNOR for a Random DRUG TEST CUZ I PRETTY SURE HES ON SOMETHING

  • Start looking for a new boy nana

  • I met Dustin in Tampa. A real kind savage. I can relate. Some men are loved and love but are capable of true savagery when it comes to defending the ones they love. Dustin truly represents the type of man I can relate to.

  • 26:10 that left leg

  • Conner was scared shitless after that kick 😂 what a puss

  • God heal 🙏 him soon.

  • Conor talks so much nonsense no wonder why his feet left him during the fight

  • Dustin had me rollin when he was like "Not McGregor fast, McGregor sleep"

  • Haha he its so so funny haha

  • Whats music name ? Any one

  • Why are all those people cheering for Conor . He's a savage.

  • Right about now my 11-year-old daughter would win against Conor.

  • this kick made him broke his leg 🦵

  • Like that space count dude from a galaxy far away once said “twice the pride, double the fall”

  • Dustin tuff guy...

  • RIP McGregor leg 🤣🤣🤣

  • The start of this is so funny... taking the hot sauce!! Lol. Dustin putting other one down and coner throwing that one too... to funny!!

  • The ethereal double fascinatingly whine because gold successfully cry from a encouraging peanut. ajar, lumpy beer

  • I can clearly see the jealousy from McGregor, typical ugly guy's jealousy of a good looking guy, who in this case is also abetter fighter, classier, etc. I bet Conor has realised how his wife looks at poirier lol

  • Name song?

  • McGregor broke records that night .. and bones … his own bones.

  • When pple are to pro full end up getting a real whooping! It proves Conor talks tooooo much that he will get a taste of his own medicine.

  • Connor make"joke"gregor 😂😂😂

  • He better be careful he might accidentally break an ankle before the fight, lol

  • That background music is sick !! 🔥🔥 Too bad I can't find it

  • All these stupid people in the crowd


  • I dont understand why everyone was Booing at Dustin. De ja vu world.

  • And in this corner Conor the tool mcgregor

  • Sad connor lets himself down by his disrespectful talk

  • All that boo 😒🤢🤮🤮 disgusting fans

  • Damn he was really trying to get in to the head of Dustin

  • So their mouth move faster than speed of sound?

  • 5:47 even conor nod agree his thrash talk weak

  • Even pre colby covibgton is not impress with 2021 conor

  • Mcgoof